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Best vampire movies poster

Best vampire movies

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  • 4
Since ancient times from the person to the person the stories freezing heart about vampires and werewolves were transferred. For the first time about them started talking long before emergence of a cinema. These evil spirits in every possible way were afraid, and inquisition burned on a fire of all at whom, in their opinion, canines grew. The subject of vampires and werewolves is demanded and in modern time. The vampire - nearly the most popular hero in a cinema. Entered the list of the best of the best not only works of the left...
25 best alien movies poster

25 best alien movies

  • Total Movies:
  • 14
In the world there are many people who believe in existence of alien beings. Many of them declare that faced them personally, saw the presents "UFO" and even to them talked. Most of these persons are professional ufologists, they approach this question only from the scientific point of view. Movies about newcomers allow each viewer to compare the guesses with the point of view of the director. These movies give opportunity, without appearing the house to make a trip on other planet, together with astronauts to go to space expedition....
Best animal and pet movies poster

Best animal and pet movies

  • Total Movies:
  • 28
It is proved that the animals are the most devoted friends of the people. It is difficult to find more loyal, brave, cheerful and inquisitive friend. Movies about cats and dogs the set is removed. Many of them have a fictional plot, but is also such which are removed on the basis of real stories. It can be comedies, meloDramas, Dramas. These movies most of all are suitable for family viewing. Movies about animals are always interesting, and times even the touching. They show that there are people, pure heart and soul. But also they...
Best mutant movies poster

Best mutant movies

  • Total Movies:
  • 11
The subject of a mutation is widely discussed in scientific community. But also it excites the audience not less. Movies about mutants are watched even by basic sceptics, after all it is possible not to believe that there are newcomers, however it is impossible to deny a fact in evidence of a mutated of organisms. This subject allows to be developed imaginations of screenwriters and directors. It is possible to give such masterpiece as "Turtle mutants" or a hit of the present "X-Men". And though according to official figures the...