Riverdale Season 5 poster

Riverdale Season 5

It seems that Archie knows something about the death of Blossom, but is in no hurry to reveal his cards before the investigation. His good childhood friend Betty Cooper suddenly began to feel a romantic attraction to Archie, however, the latter is not yet ready to reciprocate. On the eve of the school year, the fatal brunette Veronica Lodge returns to the city, who not only becomes a new student at the school, but also almost immediately attracts the attention of Andrews. As a result, a love triangle is formed, which will affect the life of each of its participants. In parallel, Archie's best friend, nicknamed Cormorant, is writing a book about the many events that took place this ill-fated summer. Subsequent events will only aggravate the situation in the city, and the heroes will have much more reasons to worry.

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