Friends Season 6 poster

Friends Season 6

Bosom friends who have known each other for a long time – the most ordinary young people, with their joys and sad periods. The main thing is that they have each other, are ready to listen and help in any way, it is only necessary to ask.
The children's favorite place is a coffee shop, where they gather to discuss business and make plans over a couple of cups of coffee.
The main characters are: Monica, a girl who has lost a lot of weight since school days, a conqueror of men's hearts, but who does not have any serious relationships behind her. Chandler is an active and eternally positive young man in life, and a responsible employee in the office. Talented Phoebe, sympathetic to everything and everyone, convinced that she has a remarkable singing talent. Joey is gorgeous, sexy, he thinks, but more of a ridiculous actor who is rarely lucky with good roles, Rachel is the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen, and Ross, Monica's brother, an intellectual and pedant, hopelessly in love with the same Rachel.

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