Friends Season 9 poster

Friends Season 9

Who doesn't love Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe? Yes, everyone has long loved them - both ours and those who first saw their hilarious adventures in their homeland, in America, where this wonderful series was filmed, which won both a Globe and several Emmys, and even quite deservedly got the status of "Best Comedy Series".

So who are they, these same friends and buddies, stewing in one big student cauldron? Rachel doesn't think too much before starting another relationship with someone; Phoebe likes to cry over some sentimental TV series; Joey is just a handsome man and the dream of many girls; Chandler is a never-discouraged young man with an overflowing energy; Monica, whose every love affair usually ends with a not too successful result; Ross, a reasonable and intelligent young man. They are all friends who have a lot in common: they quarrel, and make up, and fall in love, and break up, and rush around in search of another job – in general, they just live like the most ordinary young guys.

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