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Arrow Season 5

Oliver Queen has always been the "golden boy" in his family. He didn't know what poverty was, he didn't know exactly how people felt when they were deprived of all the benefits provided by their rich and powerful parents. Many will say that in the past, Quinn was a terribly spoiled boy. There is some truth in this. The main character firmly believed that his parents earned this money in an honest way, doing selfless deeds for the benefit of the residents of their native city. The truth changes when Oliver learns the truth from his dying father. It was an eerie evening that Oli and his father spent on a cruise yacht in the middle of the ocean. Something went wrong, and the yacht gradually began to sink. Oliver and his father were saved, who later told his son about how he and a group of other rich and well-off people destroyed the city from the inside, earning money at every opportunity. Who would have thought that Oliver would be so moved by his father's story that he would change forever. He will promise to take revenge on those who destroy his beloved city. He will promise to restore justice. However, before returning home, the young man will have to spend another long five years on a desert island. A completely different main character, who calls himself the Arrow, will return home.

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