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Arrow Season 2

Five long and painful years Oliver Queen spent on a desert island. He was completely alone... is he alone? The story is far from what you know it to be. The main character of this series hides what really happened to him on the island after the shipwreck, where he lost his father. Oliver had changed beyond recognition, had become a completely different person. Now he has returned home to take revenge on all those who destroy his beloved city. Quinn's parents own numerous projects that supposedly were supposed to improve the city. However, this is far from the case. Representatives of the city's elite took every opportunity to rip off ordinary residents. This is discovered by Oliver, who believes that it is necessary to stop the lawlessness of the rich. The main character puts on a Green Arrow costume and does everything possible to rein in those who kill the city. For the vigilante immediately begins the hunt, gradually developing into a competition of representatives of evil forces, who are trying once and for all to deal with the Arrow. Some of them even dress up as supervillains and lead the same secretive lifestyle as Oliver Queen.

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