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Arrow Season 1

Oliver Queen is a famous rich man, a famous playboy, who was dreamed of by the first beauties. The billionaire was on board the ship when the tragedy occurred. As a result of the shipwreck, Oliver Queen was declared dead. However, he managed to escape by a miracle, he survived and spent five long years on one of the uninhabited islands of the Pacific Ocean. He had a chance to return home, to his old life, to his family, who no longer expected to see him alive! Oliver arrived in his native Starling City, met with his family-loving mother Moira, sister Thea and close friend Tommy. Everyone is happy to have him back. But after talking to him, they realized that over the years, Oliver has changed a lot, because of the trials that have befallen him. Oliver really became a different person, and he is in no hurry to reveal the truth about himself, even in front of close people...

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