Arrow Season 7 poster

Arrow Season 7

The seventh season of the popular TV series "Arrow" will continue the story of Oliver Queen. The main character was once the carefree son of a rich father. He had billions of dollars, was always on the front pages of fashion magazines about high life and could afford everything! Another trip on a yacht changed the life of the main character. The ship crashes, but Oliver escapes, finding himself on a desert island. Seemingly uninhabited. The main character finds himself in a series of amazing and unpredictable events, facing unexpected enemies and new allies. Returning home after five years of wandering around the island, Oliver takes up the implementation of his father's instructions: he will try to correct the mistakes of the past, turning his hometown into a thriving metropolis at a time when all his father's former colleagues earned and earn on the misery of the locals. Many things have happened in the six seasons of Strela. Oliver lost loved ones and gained new strength to fight the forces of evil further. But what awaits him in the seventh season? We will find out about this very soon.

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