Arrow Season 6 poster

Arrow Season 6

The sixth season of the series "Arrow" is already on your screens. This is a continuation of the famous interesting story of a young man, Oliver Queen, who once crashed on a cruise ship and ended up on a desert island. Quinn had spent five long and painful years outside of civilization. He had been through a lot on the island. The main character, most importantly, has learned to survive in conditions where, it would seem, no one could live a day in peace. However, the guy still has the strength of spirit, the character and the real male core. Oliver spent five years in prison. During this time, he experienced a lot and understood a lot. The main character of the series has turned into a completely different person who returns home to change his hometown, which suffers from the constant influence of the rich, who, as it turned out, not only do not improve the lives of ordinary people, but also seek to make money on the grief of others, thereby causing the innocent to suffer even more. Oliver puts on a Green Arrow costume and goes to the streets of the night city in order to find those who are responsible for the decline of his hometown. The main character is serious. It seems that no one will stop him!

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