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Station 19 Season 1

The series tells about the employees of the fire station number nineteen, which is located in the city of Seattle. The focus is on Andy Herrera. The main character of this series has been working in her profession for a long time. In addition, she has some power, because she is the daughter of the stationmaster himself. Andy's character is very strong: the girl knows how to keep herself in hand even in the most difficult situations. Not everyone can cope with such a combative nature. Newbie Ben Warren has seen a lot in his life, because he once worked as an anesthesiologist in one of the largest hospitals in Seattle. He has a hard time with such a harsh colleague. However, sooner or later, the connections between the characters will improve. The story also captures the story of the personal life of the fearless Lieutenant Jack Gibson, a man who gave his whole life to his favorite cause. In addition to the usual business and work worries, the main characters think about their personal lives. Andy Herrera is in love with Ryan Tanner, a man who serves in the local police force. The main character still hides her feelings, throwing out emotions at work. She has to fight the elements, as well as be a worthy companion for her colleagues at work. Unfortunately, it is not always possible.

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