Station 19 Season 2 poster

Station 19 Season 2

The second season of the drama project "Fire Station 19", which will continue the story of people working in the fire department of the city of Seattle. One of the most important members of the rapid response team is Andy Herrera. This woman is strong in character and very experienced. Along with her in the team is Ben Warren, a man who, although he does not have many years of work as a firefighter, but for a long time worked as an anesthesiologist at a local hospital. Jack Gibson is a true warrior who does not know what fear is. The main character is very emotional, which makes him indispensable in the team, because only he can inspire colleagues in a difficult moment. Ryan Tanner, who has known Herrera for a long time, is also among the rescuers. Once upon a time, the heroine was in love with him, but now they are a great team. Every day, the rapid response team has to fight against an unpredictable element, whose appearance is always unpredictable and deadly. Saving those who were caught by surprise is the main task of Herrera and her team.

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