Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 12 poster

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 12

In America, a special group of detectives has been created on the basis of the New York Police , whose task is to investigate and prevent violent crimes committed with the use of indecent acts , sexual violence and abuse .
The film touches on the topic of not only the crimes themselves, but also the "hard" work of detectives .Not so much physically, but morally and psychologically.
The working days of detectives Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson and John Manchu are an investigation of criminal acts on sexual grounds .Every day they will see people's grief and pain. Especially they become "scary" and creepy when children become victims of the actions of rapists. Seeing the fear and helplessness in children's eyes, detectives sometimes need psychological help themselves, so as not to fall into despair and not to break down.
A police psychologist helps police officers to cope with "nerves".
But the "results" of their hard work make their own adjustments to their personal and family life, as well as to the working atmosphere...

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